House Cleaning East Finchley

House cleaning servicesCleaners East Finchley is your favorite house cleaning provider in London. We are committed to offering high quality services to the residents of London and Surrey and ensure that they are able to concentrate on their professional careers and schedule. House cleaning services offered by our company are designed to ensure that you get the best domestic cleaning solutions to keep you satisfied and coming back.

We have a team of highly qualified cleaners, who are well trained and unformed. Our services are customizable to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of our clients.

Hourly Based Cleaning Services in East FinchleyPrices
One Off Cleaning£16/h
Domestic Cleaning£16/h
Regular Cleaning£16/h
Deep Cleaning£18/h

Why choosing our cleaning company

At Cleaners East Finchley, we are committed to making sure that our clients get the best house cleaning services. There are different reasons as to why you should choose us as your house cleaning services providers in London:

*Quality – Our house cleaning services are customized to meet clients’ specification.
*Experience – We have immense experience in house cleaning and have therefore mastered this services.
*Equipments- We use the latest equipments and products to ensure the best results. Our products are environmental friendly and user friendly.
*Affordable- We charge affordable rates for our house cleaning services.
*Flexible- We are extremely flexible to accommodate the needs of the clients. Our booking is also tailored made to suit our clients.

Our services

Cleaners East Finchley provide a wide range of standard house cleaning services, which include:

Cleaning all rooms

Here, we will clean, vacuum and dust a wide range of features contained in here. All furniture are dusted, polished and wiped, including the mirrors, night tables, dressers, lamps, doors, pictures, lamps, furniture, shelves, sills and baseboards. We also empty and clean the wastebasket and ashtrays. We also make sure that we vacuum clean your carpet and the floors washed. More so, we will also dust all the electronic equipment in the house.

Cleaning the Kitchen

In the kitchen, we clean all the appliances, chairs, tables and cabinet. The sink and counter are sanitized and scrubbed. The refrigerator, microwave and oven are also cleaned both on the inside and outside. The wood floors will also be vacuumed and washed.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

We wash, scrub and sanitize the floor and tiles. The bathtubs, interiors of the cabinets, mirrors, sinks and toilets are also cleaned, disinfected and deodorized. The trained staff also wash and vacuum the floors.


We remove all the fingerprints from the doors, frames and the switch plates. The hallways floor are also washed and vacuumed.

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