After Builders Cleaning

If you have ever had builders working in your home in East Finchley, London then you probably know that they tend to leave a big mess behind them. You’ll find your place cluttered with dust, dirt, cement and plaster. Not only that, but if they have been painting, you might also find paint stains on windows and surfaces. Your home won’t be livable unless it’s properly cleaned from all the mess, but doing all this yourself won’t be easy. However, there is an alternative – contact our cleaning agency and we will easily clean your place, revealing its true new look.

Our cleaning teams in East Finchley, London are aware of the best cleaning techniques and they are trained to use modern equipment which we provide. They have already worked with hundreds of customers throughout London and not a single client had been disappointed. Some renovation jobs can be so messy, that you’ll need days to clean everything, but we assure you that our teams can clean your place much faster.

After Builders Cleaning in East FinchleyPrices
After Builders Cleaningfrom £18

Our company’s success and good reputation in East Finchley, London is based on two things – the motivated cleaners we employ and the fact that we have been co-operating with the biggest London building contractors and many households. We know exactly what to do when executing our after builders cleaning service. We communicate with our clients in order to find out their needs and requirements and completely satisfy their cleaning needs.

Planning a renovation involves a lot of arrangements, but it is definitely worth the time and money – finding your house refreshed and renovated is a great way to improve the living areas for your family. However, cleaning up afterwards isn’t that easy and it is best to leave this tough job to professional companies like us.

Our cleaners can perform the following tasks:

Wipe and polish cupboards, counters and wardrobes
Clean the inside and out of oven ,freezer, fridge, microwave and dishwasher
Vacuum and mop floors
Clean sanitary ware
Clean skirting boards
Clean doors and windows
Clean mirrors and pictures
Dust surfaces
Remove garbage

Don’t hesitate to call us and book our after builders cleaning service. We will get rid of all the dust and debris and show you the true face of your renovated home.

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